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third quarter of 2021

Markets Struggle in the Third Quarter

Global equity markets had a mixed third quarter, but when the final Wall Street-bell chimed on September 30th, global markets had not moved very much, despite the final month of the quarter turning in dismal results. For the third quarter of 2021:

  • The DJIA...
inflation shreds US dollar bill

What will inflation be in the coming years? The real answer is that it varies according to your age and spending patterns. Inflation wallops someone with kids in college, and might be hardly noticeable to stay-at-home types. And recent inflation will stun someone looking for a used car, but might be...

Changing Jobs in 2021?

Two employee-benefit actions to take before you accept that new job offer

Are you considering changing jobs this year? If not, you’re in the minority. A survey conducted by Harris Poll found that the majority (52%) of U.S. workers are considering a job change this year – and 44% have real plans in...

Work at home

Working from home via a remote job or your own company is the best of all the professional worlds. Flexible scheduling, nixing the commute, and more time for hobbies and downtime are just a few perks of working remotely or building a business from the ground up. But it can be challenging to start a...


A cynical investor might look at a Special Purpose Acquisition Company with disdain. Here is what a cynic might say: “So, you’re telling me a SPAC:

  • Makes no products;
  • Does not sell anything; and
  • Is called a blank-check company?

Why do such entities even exist?”

Well, all of the above i...

2021 tax rates and deductions

Amidst all the pandemic news and 2020 election drama, many might have missed that the IRS also quietly published new 2021 tax rates in late October and a there are plenty of changes that will impact taxpayers in 2021.

While it’s more than a year away (these changes are for 2021 returns filed by ta...