4 Secrets for Work at Home Success


Working from home via a remote job or your own company is the best of all the professional worlds. Flexible scheduling, nixing the commute, and more time for hobbies and downtime are just a few perks of working remotely or building a business from the ground up. But it can be challenging to start a small business or secure the right work-at-home job.

To that end, consider these four secrets to WAH success.
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1. Organization is Essential

Establishing your work-at-home workspace is a must for staying organized. But there are other factors to consider when organizing a new company from the ground up.

2. Tools Are Your Friend

Using technology and digital tools can streamline your work and help you stay organized. Not every piece of tech is a necessity, though; avoid distractions by using specific tools for your daily tasks – and skip social media during working hours.

  • Investigate digital note-taking apps for keeping up with your to-do lists (eliminating piles of paper).
  • Try time-tracking apps to see where your time is going (and how to reapportion for better productivity).
  • Utilize project management applications to keep your upcoming tasks organized and on time.

3. Standard Work Rules Still Apply

Though working remotely removes a lot of the office chatter that can be distracting, working on your own can be isolating in many ways. Plus, collaboration is still a must, whether you’re working for a company or leading a team of workers.

  • Remember to communicate thoroughly and effectively with any remote team members or employees.
  • Avoid becoming isolated while working from your home office; social interaction is vital for a well-rounded lifestyle.
  • Aim for a balanced and diverse team – and embrace the differences among your group.

4. Veterans Get Special Perks

You’ve spent time protecting your country, and now it’s time for your country to give back. Did you know that veterans get special business-related perks?

  • Explore exclusive remote work opportunities with the US Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Check out specialized funding options and ideas to get your venture off the ground.
  • Embrace the designation of ‘veteran-owned business’ for unique perks and permissions.

Working at home presents some challenges, whether you’re starting a company or continuing to work for an organization as an employee or contractor. With these secrets to hacking WAH life, you can be more productive and prepared than ever.

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Author: Kelli Brewer

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