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young adults and those making less money are hardest hit by the pandemic

The United States Census Bureau has been collecting data in as close to real-time as possible in order to provide empirical insights into how Americans are really doing during COVID-19.

Dubbed the Household Pulse Survey, the Census Bureau started collecting this data on April 23rd and recently di...

water under the bridge

U.S. stock markets continue to trend up as optimism returns to Wall Street while Main Street USA continues to reopen. Yes, there is plenty of social unrest around the country, geopolitical tensions with China are increasing and horribly negative economic data continues to be released almost daily, b...

Our Economy Shrank By 5% in the First Quarter

On May 28th, the Commerce Department reported that our U.S. economy shrank at an even faster pace than previously estimated in the first quarter of 2020 and consensus expectations are that the second quarter of 2020 will be far worse.

Gross domestic product – often considered the broadest measure...