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 2019 Yearly Market Review

Stock markets in the U.S. and around the globe turned in a fantastic 2019, driven by U.S. equities, specifically large-cap U.S. equities. And along the way, 2019 brought plenty of records, including:

  • Record Highs. As the S&P 500 climbed consistently throughout the year, it also recorded 34 new r...
 2018 Yearly Market Review

A record-setting year for stocks, but one investors would rather forget

As we reflect on 2018, it is tempting to sugarcoat the year by simply reporting that it was a record-setting year for stocks – because so many investors would rather quickly forget the end results.

So here are the end result...

2017 Yearly Market Review

A Year Like No Other
As we reflect on 2017, it is tempting to focus on events that probably had little impact on the markets or the global economy – because it really was a year like no other.

In the past 12 months, we faced new nuclear fears from North Korea; debated whether NFL players shoul...

2016 Yearly Market Review

A Random Walk Down Wall Street
In 1973, Princeton professor Burton Malkiel wrote A Random Walk Down Wall Street, an influential stock market book that put forth a financial theory (the random walk hypothesis) that stated stock market prices follow a path that consists of a succession of random st...