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five work place trends that will change

We are experiencing the biggest remote work experiment in history – but many are beginning to imagine life after lockdown. Amid unprecedented global job losses, concerns about transport infrastructure and the continuing need for workplace social distancing, governments are launching back-to-work pla...

the national housing market is resilient

For many of us, our house is our biggest investment and asset. Consider these facts:

  • According to the National Association of Realtors, the median existing-home price is approximately $280,000. Assuming at least 20% down, that translates into an investment of $56,000.
  • According to Fidelity Inves...
 The FBI is Warning Us About Smart TVs

Shortly before the 2019 holiday shopping season kicked off, the FBI warned us that smart TVs might be dangerous.

Most of these newer smart TVs have built in cameras, often designed with facial recognition so the TV knows who is watching what and can suggest appropriate programming. Think of Amazon...

 Should Investors Worry About Impeachment?

It's now clear that the investigations into President Trump are likely to continue through the 2020 elections. What's still uncertain is the impact that these investigations will have on the stock market.

After rallying since Trump's election victory in November 2016, the S&P 500 Index has done pr...

 Inflation, Economy, and Supply and Demand Affect Purchasing Decisions

Some of us may remember the “good old days,” when gasoline prices were as low as 25¢ per gallon. Others may recall when a can of soda cost 15¢. But prices tend to rise over time—sometimes steadily and sometimes abruptly. In the years ahead, inflation will most likely decrease the purchasing power of...

 The Impact of China on U.S. and Global Inflation

Will the slowdown in China’s growth keep inflation in check?

Inflation remains relatively low, both in the United States and globally, with the U.S. inflation rate hovering around the Federal Reserve’s 2% target.

Dropping oil prices and falling gas prices are big reasons, but these are always su...