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May 29th marks the nationwide celebration of 529 Day, an opportunity to highlight the many benefits of 529 college savings plans.

As higher education costs continue to soar, many parents find themselves faced with the nagging question, “Will I have enough money to pay for my child’s college educa...

congrats to the class of 2020

COVID-19 has crushed the spring ritual of high school graduations.

But it can also encourage graduates and their parents to prepare to meet the practicalities of the youngsters’ sudden entry into adulthood, from making medical decisions to choosing what to study. How can parents and their offsprin...

piggy bank save money

COVID-19 has presented everyone with incredible challenges as it has wreaked havoc on our country and around the world. Beyond the worry of the virus itself, everyone is impacted economically as most businesses have closed, forcing us to social-distance for the foreseeable future.

And while Congre...

 The Pitfalls of the “Be Your Own Banker” Idea

Some insurance sales folks peddle a concept called Be Your Own Banker. Don’t fall for it.

This idea has floated around the Internet and late-night television for a while now. One of the latest versions, called "bank on yourself", shows what very bad advice it is.

The Idea Behind Be Your Own Bank

 Understanding Interest Rates and Your Financial Situation

When discussing bank accounts, investments, loans, and mortgages, it is important to understand the concept of interest rates. Interest is the price you pay for the temporary use of someone else’s funds; an interest rate is the percentage of a borrowed amount that is attributable to interest. Whethe...

 Summer Vacations & the Allure of Timeshares

Vacations during the summer months might have you thinking about timeshares for resorts in places like Florida or Mexico. They seem like a fun idea for a winter vacation in the sunshine, as well as a good deal financially. They are neither.

Like Groundhog Day

One of the biggest problems with tim...