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November Means Open Enrollment Time

Open enrollment for employee benefits kicks off this month. While you plan your Thanksgiving menu, review your benefit choices. Even if little changed in your life this past year, maximize what your employer offers.

Here are some pointers.


Even if you carry the same plan as in many pas...

 The Pitfalls of the “Be Your Own Banker” Idea

Some insurance sales folks peddle a concept called Be Your Own Banker. Don’t fall for it.

This idea has floated around the Internet and late-night television for a while now. One of the latest versions, called "bank on yourself", shows what very bad advice it is.

The Idea Behind Be Your Own Bank

A Quick Look at Life Insurance Needs

Have you ever wondered how much life insurance is “enough”? One general rule of thumb says that you should buy an amount equal to five to seven times your annual income. Sure, it may be a reasonable guideline, but this method does not relate life insurance needs to your personal financial goals.

 A Short Course in Insurance

Term versus Permanent
When choosing life insurance coverage, you may wonder which type is more appropriate for your situation. During life stages, you will probably review and update your insurance coverage, as your needs change.
There are two basic types of coverage: permanent (sometimes referred...

 A Quick Look at Disability Coverage

If you were to become sick or hurt and lose your ability to earn a living, how would you pay your bills? One way to help protect yourself in the event of a disability is to purchase an individual disability income insurance policy.

Disability income insurance provides a benefit to replace a perce...