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water under the bridge

U.S. stock markets continue to trend up as optimism returns to Wall Street while Main Street USA continues to reopen. Yes, there is plenty of social unrest around the country, geopolitical tensions with China are increasing and horribly negative economic data continues to be released almost daily, b...

 The Coronavirus and Dollar-Cost Averaging

Investors have been whipsawed during late February and early March. Consider the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from February 27th through March 11th of 2020. Investors saw:

  • The three largest-one-day-losses in history – February 27th, March 9th and March 11th
  • The three largest-o...
Best One-Day Point Gain in History for the DJIA

In three trading days, the DJIA recorded its biggest one-day point gain and its biggest one-day point loss in its 125-year history.

That’s volatility.

Thursday Was Ugly

By the time the final bell tolled on Thursday, February 27th, stunned investors saw that:

  • The DJIA gave back 1,190 points a...
 Maintaining Your Bearings with Asset Allocation

For many people, investing typically begins with one stock, bond, or mutual fund. Other selections are added over time, because most people understand it is imprudent to invest everything in a single security or fund, even if it has a solid reputation. However, just “spreading money around” in a hap...

 Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Your Company Stock

The “Power of Common Knowledge” is a good place to start, not an end

It’s an old investing adage: “Buy what you know.”

But that advice has real downsides if you don’t apply it properly. Investing icon Warren Buffett and legendary portfolio fund manager Peter Lynch both advocate that investors pu...

Boeing’s Turmoil Reminds Us to Diversify

You should expect gains and losses in every asset class you own

The turmoil witnessed by investors in Boeing in mid-March 2019 sadly demonstrated the benefits of diversifying your assets.

Boeing’s stock price dropped over 10% in two days and then sharply again after President Trump ordered the g...